Friday, February 6, 2009

Taken To The Cleaners...No More Starch!

I found an article by Stephen Spruiell & Kevin Williamson at National Review Online:

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Really? Can I tell ya the whole world is corrupt!!! These politicians should all be fired, every single one of them and we should start from scratch. Also, why does the "Stimulus Package" have to be 600 pages long? Why not work on 1 thing at a time? I guess they think we're all stupid... I mean they can read a 600 page article in 4 hours and come to a decision on it? ----It's all about confusing and overwhelming people all so they work on another "agenda" for them. I can become so agitated if I focus on this too long. I want to scream on T.V.- "you dumb American's wake up"- "we're all being taken." These people don't give a rats ass about any of us- they're still living in their fancy mansions and flying first class9 W/ Fergie) to spas. Even the ones who are "good humanitarians" still are doing it for selfish reasons- I can just imagine their thought process: "Those poor dumb people need my help!" I want them to be able to find a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken, cuz atleast they'll have a job & I can say I helped- Those poor "middle class" people, they just made bad decisions I need to help them- maybe I should sign the package deal so the Smitsonian can get new computers- I mean atleast a computer salesman will make some money, right? ...Best Buy could make a big sale... but I'll go home in my fancy car and to my fancy home and stop by my Bank and deposit some more dirty money and feel better for all I've done to help. Oh and I won't feel guilty for getting paid a little extra for saying or signing something I don't really care about I mean I'm entitled to it after all. I was elected by the people and I'm a smart person. I even went to Law School... It's a mess! The USA is a mess- and we're all so stupid to think people are really pulling for us in Washington. We've been taken! Or should I say we've let them take us! It's time we Do Something...Us common folk- before we let them ruin it for the next generations to come.
As you can tell I'm pissed...